Are we in danger of over-harvesting trees in Ohio??

“Where does all the lumber come from to build so much Amish-made furniture in Ohio?” is a question Chris Tuttle, owner of the Amish Oak Furniture Co is often asked.  “Almost all of the lumber used to build our furniture is harvested right here in Ohio”, says Tuttle. He goes on to explain that across all of North America, the annual hardwood growth rate surpasses harvest rate by 70%.*  He also relates that according to the American Hardwood Export Council, there is enough red oak growing in the USA to make a table and four chairs every quarter second, and that the volume of US hardwood rowing stock increases at a rate of 139 cubic feet per second.  That’s a semi load of dry lumber every 14 seconds!

Over the years, our forests and woodlots have come to be carefully and sustainably managed so that they will continue to be able to provide lumber for furniture and other industries.  A surprising amount of lumber in Ohio comes from small, privately owned woodlands, where select cutting is practiced, which keeps the woodlots healthy and productive. Ohio woodlands are so productive that lumber has become a significant export product for Ohio and other parts of North America.  “Much of our walnut, and a lot of oak lumber harvested in Ohio is exported to Europe, Japan and even China”, says Tuttle.  

When you purchase locally made furniture at the Amish Oak Furniture Company you can feel good about the very low ‘carbon footprint’ that comes with locally made furniture, made from locally harvested hardwoods.  Similar to farm fresh food programs, you’re purchasing furniture that was locally ‘raised’ and produced, which is good for our environment. And the hand-crafted hardwood furniture you get will not wind up in a landfill , but can be passed on to future generations to use and enjoy.

*American Hardwood Export Council