Ashland Times Gazette Focus on Shopping Local Benefits

Whether you’re looking for one piece of furniture to complete one room in your house, or wanting to furnish an entire new home, you’ll find the right style, wood and color at the Amish Oak Furniture Co. in Loudonville.  And because their furniture is handcrafted specifically for you, the choices are almost endless.  As owner Chris Tuttle explains, “We’ll use the wood you like, your choice of stain or paint color, choice of hardware, and even change dimensions or features on a piece of furniture so that It’s exactly what you want.  That’s one of the things that sets us apart from the ‘big box’ stores where you don’t have those choices.”

Another thing that sets the Amish Oak Furniture Co apart is that all of their furniture is made in the USA.  “All of our hardwood furniture, Sofas, Sectionals and Recliners are made in Ohio and Indiana”, says Tuttle.  And when you shop at Amish Oak for locally made furniture, you’re avoiding the huge carbon footprint made by the imported furniture that the big box and online furniture companies are selling.  “A lot of shoppers never think about all the energy consumed and pollution emitted when furniture is imported from China; the dirty coal that is burned overseas, the energy used in container shipments from overseas, and then all the miles this imported furniture is shipped from our ports, inland to distribution centers, then to the retail stores.  And on top of that, so much of this cheaply made imported furniture then winds up at the landfill in a few years.”   Shopping locally for locally made furniture is good for our local economy and for the environment.

Another unique thing about the Amish Oak Furniture Co is their lifetime guarantee on all indoor solid wood furniture.  “I don’t know of any other furniture stores offering this, but we are that confident in the quality of our craftsmen, and have continued to offer this for the past thirty-seven years”, says Tuttle.

Amish Oak’s Loudonville showroom consists of four historic downtown buildings with showrooms on both floors.  You’ll find over 12,000 sq ft of dining, bedroom, office, living room and outdoor furniture in styles from contemporary to traditional.  You can also visit them online at   Store hours are Tuesdays thru Saturday 10-5 and Sundays 12-5.