Amish Oak Furniture & Mattress Company has a wide variety of stains and finishes available for our furniture products. On this page, you will find wood stain samples for some of our most popular oak and cherry products. More stain and paint samples are available in both our Loudonville and Columbus/Pataskala, Ohio stores.


Color will be influenced by the grain and species of the wood. These samples may not be an exact wood grain or stain representation. Computer screen will vary color. These color samples should not be used to match exact color.


Oak Stain Samples


OCS-101 “Honey”OCS-102 “Fruitwood”OCS-103 “MX”
OCS-104 “Seely”OCS-106 “Acres”OCS-107 “Washington”
OCS-110 “Medium”OCS-111 “Boston”OCS-112 “Provincial”
OCS-113 “Michael’s Cherry”OCS-116 “Harvest”OCS-117 “Asbury”
OCS-118 “Antique Slate”OCS-120 “Husk”OCS-121 “Smoke”
OCS-225 “Mission Maple”OCS-228 “Rich Tobacco”OCS-230 “Onyx”
FC-11725 “Acorn”FC-7695 “Copper”FC-11047 “Ebony”

Brown Maple Stain Samples

OCS-100 “Natural”OCS-102 “Fruitwood”OCS-103 “MX”
OCS-104 “Seely”OCS-106 “Acres”OCS-107 “Washington”
OCS-110 “Medium”OCS-111 “Boston”OCS-113 “Michael’s Cherry”
OCS-116 “Harvest”OCS-117 “Asbury”OCS-118 “Antique Slate”
OCS-120 “Husk”OCS-121 “Smoke”OCS-225 “Mission Maple”
OCS-226 “Coffee”OCS-227 “Rich Cherry”OCS-228 “Rich Tobacco”
OCS-229 “Bing Cherry”OCS-230 “Onyx”FC-11047 “Ebony”

Cherry & Rustic Cherry Stain Samples

Note: Rustic Cherry will have dark knot holes in your wood grain.

OCS-100 “Natural”OCS-102 “Fruitwood”OCS-104 “Seely”
OCS-106 “Acres”OCS-107 “Washington”OCS-110 “Medium”
OCS-111 “Boston”OCS-113 “Michael’s Cherry”OCS-114 “Traditional”
OCS-117 “Asbury”OCS-118 “Antique Slate”OCS-225 “Mission Maple”
OCS-226 “Coffee”OCS-228 “Rich Tobacco”OCS-230 “Onyx”
FC-12108 “Baywood”FC-11047 “Ebony”