Supporting Ohio Families

Amish building an oak chairWhen you purchase our Amish-built furniture, you’re not only supporting a local, Ohio small business; you’re also supporting the small family-owned and operated shops that build our furniture. For over thirty-five years we’ve partnered with dozens of Amish family woodworking shops to make Amish-crafted furniture available to the retail public. Today, many of the shops we work with are now run by the grown up children of the furniture builders we originally partnered with! It’s been great watching them grow up and in many cases take over the ‘family business’.

It has always amazed me how well the Amish are able to manage and grow their small businesses with just an eight grade education. Far from ‘uneducated’, the Amish are adept at learning all they need to know to successfully run their small shops. In addition to woodworking, they become knowledgeable about mechanical systems (to run their tools), bookkeeping, logistics and customer service.

And as our local Amish population grows, farm land has become so scarce and expensive that the majority of young Amish men are now pursuing other forms of livelihood, such as masons, home builders, roofers, buggy builders, saw mills and small engine shops. Once married, many want to operate a small business that can include their families, which makes woodworking ideal.

So when you’re ready to make your next furniture purchase, we hope you’ll avoid mass produced, imported furniture, and choose furniture made not only in the USA, but furniture made right here in Ohio.

-Chris Tuttle, owner, Amish Oak Furniture Co.