Working or Studying More at Home??

Once the Covid-19 pandemic is past (hopefully soon!), one of the lasting effects will be more adults working from home as well as an increase in the number of students taking classes ‘online’ from home.

Prior to COVID-19, under 4% of the employee workforce worked from home half-time or more. Following the COVID pandemic, it is estimated that we will see 25-30% of the workforce working at home on a multiple-days-a-week basis by the end of 2021. In addition to health concerns, working from home is a significant cost saver for both employees and employers. The savings in commuting costs alone is huge for many employees, and for employers, the reduction in office space, real estate and equipment costs is also significant. Plus, employers and employees alike are finding that productivity does not decrease when working from home.

When working or schooling from home, it’s important to have the tools you need to do so effectively, including the home office furniture needed to comfortably get your work or studies done.

With a dedicated work space and desk, work and study materials are always where they should be, along with a comfortable place to work on your lap top or PC. (You don’t want to constantly be moving your work or study materials from the kitchen table when it’s time for supper!).

The Amish Oak Furniture Co is ready to help you find the right home office furnishings to fit your needs. Whether you need just a small desk and chair for your laptop, or a larger corner desk with hutch top storage above and file and drawer storage below, we’ll build to fit your needs. You can see a small sampling of the home office furniture we offer at, and if you visit or call us, we can show you dozens of additional home office desks, file cabinets, bookcases and desk chairs, with something sure to fit your needs. We can also custom build to suit any specific need.